What is HoloCam?

HoloCam is an AR app which lets you add 3D Emoji, text, GIFs, drawings and more to your world, and create fun videos to share with friends.

How do you add objects?

Tap on the plus icon at the bottom of the screen to open the object drawer. There, you can select one of the four tabs and tap on an object to add it to the world.

To add GIFs, open the photos tab and select a GIF from your photo library (they will be a highlighted with an icon). The photos tab also supports 3D Touch, so you can preview photos and GIFs before adding them.

How do you position, rotate and scale objects?

To position, tap and hold on an object for about a second (On newer iPhone models, you should feel a haptic feedback). Then, physically move around the room (the object will stay fixed to your phone) to position it, or move your finger to rotate it. When you're done, lift your finger.

To scale objects, pinch on one. You will see two indicators that show the object's real life dimensions.

How do you add animations?

HoloCam supports two types of animations: Loop and build-in animations.

Build in animations are a great way to make your videos more dynamic, by presenting objects during a video. To add one, tap on any object and select the build-in icon (circle with lines). Next, choose one of the available animations. When you're done with creating your scene, press the record button. The objects will disappear and you'll see a green play button instead. Tapping the button will start the build in animation.

To add a loop animation, tap on any Emoji or text object, then tap the animation icon (three circles) and choose an animation. You can even combine multiple animations - the possibilities are endless.